Wind Turbines

We provide a comprehensive planning and design service for the small and large wind farm projects, Including EIS reports, photo montages etc.

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Congratulation to Noel & Joan Walsh of Mace Claremorris Co. Mayo on the completion of there 2.4 mega watt wind farm projected.

Noel & Joan has relentlessly been pushing this project for the last couple of years, the completion of the project has been their greatest gift this Christmas 2009. The 2.4 mega watt wind farm consists of three number 800w E48 Enercon wind turbines. Maloney Group has been there to help them along the road.

ENERCON’s E-48 wind turbine is yet another success story in the company’s medium class power range. With a rated power of 800 kW and a sophisticated rotor blade design, the E-48 wind turbine is the most profitable system within its class. Together with a choice of different tower versions up to 76 m, the E-48 offers an economically sound solution to complex sites worldwide.


Rated power:
800 kW

Rotor diameter:

48 m

Hub height:

50 – 76 m

Wind class (IEC):


Turbine concept:

Gearless, variable speed,
variable pitch control



Upwind rotor with active pitch control

Direction of rotation:


Number of blades:


Swept area:

1,810 m2

Blade material:

Fibreglass (epoxy resin);
integrated lightning protection

Rotational speed:

Variable, 16 – 30 rpm

Pitch control:

ENERCON blade pitch system, one independent pitching system per rotor blade with allocated emergency supply